Song question

Was listening to an old car talk episode that is about a year old. Air date January 15 2011 episode #1103. I really like the song played towards the end of the show but I couldn’t figure out the song title or the artist by Googling the lyrics. Any help?

What are the lyrics? I can’t seem to find that episode, but if you can tell me the lyrics and style I may be able to help.

It is a woman singing. and as best as I can tell the lyrics are:
“so are you ready to go
down to the beach or up to the moon
There’s a little cafe you know
are you free for this afternoon
or we could hop in the car and drive down to someplace we’ve never been before
doesn’t matter where or when just roll down the window an close the door
pedal to the floor.”

Pedal to the Floor

Show Num: #1103: The Superball Bumper
Date of Show: 2011-01-15 00:00:00
Artist: Heather Styka
Album: A Little More Time
Publisher: Heather Styka
Composer: Heather Styka
Length: 00:32

Thanks : )