Song on Jan 8, 2011 show

There was a song on today’s show, lyrics included “will my cell phone go unansered”

Where can I find the complete lyrics to this"

Great show!


Jim Welch

This is all the info from the Car Talk web site:

Recent Car Tunes We’ve Used:
Will the Cellphone be Unanswered? Show Num: 201102
Date of Show: January 08, 2011
Artist: Jelly Side Downe (aka Tess McManus)
Publisher: T. McManus
Composer: Tess McManus
Length: 00:48

Really a great tune - I would like to play it for some of my texting friends

Google is useless and the artist’s only hit on cdbaby has an album that doesn’t include this track. I’d love to buy this song too!

I enjoyed the cell phone song as well. Couldn’t find it online. I’d like to be able to play it. Thanks

AMEN, love this song but cannot find it anywhere…where is this elusive, sardonic gem?

It would be totally kewl if the songs used in your mildly amusing program were available for purchase somewhere on your seemingly chaotically organized site. As mentioned in other posts, searches for these songs on the net usually result in total frustration - sometimes temporarily lightened by discovery of a music compilation performed by the artist, only to have one’s hopes dashed when said compilation is found NOT to include the desired song.

As good capitalists, how is it that your shameless commerce director is permitted to let this fabulous source of additional revenue go untapped?

As long as the music isn’t available for sale, how about a little liberality in the form of free links to the songs within each week’s show? That way we wouldn’t have to wade through all the silly questions and even sillier answers just to reach the one gem in an otherwise uninspired program. Since only left-wing wackos even listen to NPR, you know that we are all entitled to this kind of pampered pandering. Think of it as sharing the wealth…

Come on guys, throw us a bone!

Fran McQ
Armed and Standin’ on a corner, somewhere in

I also loved this song and would buy it if it were available for purchase.

CDs are available for purchase from this web site. I don’t know about this particular song.

Yes, this is a great little tune! Very well thought out and written. I know a few serious Christians who need a lighten up and this would be just the ticket. Found Tess here: but you still don’t get the “Cell Phone” song (but I liked “Tastes Like Chicken” and “Legal Eye Spot”). YouTube:

If I can’t have a free link to it…the artist is only hurting herself.Things like this would go viral in a minute and she would make a name for herself if she would just give one up. So many folks can identify with this, they would buy her albums based on hearing this ONE song. If she won’t make it public I would recommend the artist try to market it to the cell phone companies.