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Sonata handling on curves

Hi, anyone think the handling of the Sonata on wet curves seems a little strange? I don’t know if it’s all in my head (was in a rollover last year after hydroplaning on a curve in my late Scion), if it’s actually some fancy car feature kicking in to make the ride smoother or safer, or if it’s the difference in handling of cars of different masses (i.e., the Scion XA vs the Sonata).

I’m thinking it must all be in my head but not knowing for sure is driving me crazy and makes me a nervous driver.

Without more details about your handling symptoms, this is pure speculation, but it sounds like you are driving too fast for conditions. Your Sonata could have ECS (Electronic Stability Control). If it is kicking in frequently you are definitely driving too fast for conditions. Try slowing down and give your nerves a break.

Wet is heavily dependent on the tires, specifically how much traction they maintain in wet conditions. This is one area where there can be huge differences between brands and models of tires of the same size. OEM tires are selected for ride quality, and dry traction with a weight to the best deal the car maker can get from the tire company. Many OEM tires are poor in rainy wet conditions. It isn’t so much the car, but the tires mounted on the car.

If your Sonata has stability control and anti-skid controls these can make the car feel “funny” when they sense the car is losing traction and activate.

Not much information here. If you have a new Sonata it does indeed have ESC (electronic stability control) but you have the ability to turn it on/off by pushing a button. I advise you to leave it on at all times. If it does kick in it will feel like your ABS does when it is working. And it is a clear indication you are driving too fast for conditions.

Please define what you mean by “strange”.

As far as I know, vehicles with a stability control system have a warning light to show that the system is kicking in. Are you seeing this light? If it is kicking in, you’re driving too fast, as others have said.

I’m going with the driving too fast for conditions (“was in a rollover last year after hydroplaning on a curve in my late Scion”).

First, slow down. Second, get some new tires if you’re still concerned.

I too suspect that it’s your stability control system kicking in.

And I too suspect that you’re driving too fast. In well over 40 years of driving, in all kinds of roads and conditions, I’ve never rolled a car. Unless there was an extenuating circumstance in that rolloverll off or a tractor trailer bumped you, than you need to slow down.

Thanks for the input.