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Sometimes the basics are overlooked!

So last Saturday at midnight or so snowthrower starts and 3 seconds later dies, and gas dripping off the bottom of carb bowl. New needle and seat I say, get a carb rebuild kit, do the needle and seat, start blower, same symptoms. Now I realize gas hose clamp at carb has busted.

New hose clamp. luckily I had one, evidently the new PIA seat and needle and seat working ok, but that was not the problem.
after cleaning the idle adjuster all is good.

Could have just cleaned idle adjuster, put on a new hose clamp and been done, And about that Tecumseh engine needle and seat a royal PIA! All fine till the float bottoms out because bowl is not attached and needle pops out. GRRR x3

What is this thing called a snowthrower

@Barkydog Is this a normal problem with a techumseh float asking because I have a wood chipper with the same engine. It will only run when I spray starting fluid in & dies when I stop,I have been debating weather to get a carb kit to redo it

Renegade- is the gas in your wood chipper fresh? My small 2 stroke snowblower would not start this year. I used leftover gas from my string trimmer and thought it would be fine because the Sthil oil I used has stabilizer in it. It ran briefly on ether but quickly died. When I drained out the old gas and mixed fresh it started right up.

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@oldtimer_11 There is no gas in it. When I last used it I ran out of gas & put more in & it would not start so I drained the gas out.

@oldtimer_11 It is a 4 stroke if that makes a difference.

Gas goes stale in 4-stroke engines also.

I finally just started using VP 4 stroke fuel instead of pump gasoline in my lawn mower. I can afford it and I really don’t use that much of it, we have a small lawn and when it’s dry in Texas, you don’t have to mow that often. It’s worth the cost just to not have to disassemble the carburetor and clean it out every time I need to mow the grass.
I can park the mower and it will start a year later, usually on the first pull of the rope with this stuff in the tank.

@B.L.E What do you mean by VP 4 stroke fuel. Is that the same as non ethanol that I can get & use most of the time.

@Barkydog Sorry about stealing your post. That was not my intention when I asked my question,

No problem @Renegade Screwing in part 24, removing, carb cleaning and replacing part 24 was my solution, though on the web clogs in the brass fitting in 22 also may be a culpret. In MN premium Non-Oxegenated premium gas is available, it is what I use for my boat, have not found it locally though, I run it dry at the end of the year, and use mid grade in snowblower and lawnmower.
Interesting read on non-oxygenated fuel here

@Barkydog Thank you for that diagram. After christmasI will try to take it apart & see if I can clean it ot get a rebuild kit.Also thank you for the link.

It doesn’t even smell like gasoline, more like Coleman lantern fuel. It’s like Coleman lantern fuel with a 94 octane rating. Contains no ethanol or the type of hydrocarbons that are prone to oxidation. It just evaporates, it doesn’t turn into varnish.
Also, it’s not legal for highway use, mostly I suspect because the price does not include a road use tax.

@B.L.E Thank you for that explaintion & link. I don"t know how old you are but that sounds like white gas you used to be able to get at gas stations years ago that was used in stoves & lanterns like the coleman. I will give a try.

@Renegade be cautious as for whatever reason, remove the carb bowl and the needle falls out! Now mine was a PIA because the rod that holds the float was fused to the carb and did not want to break anything. The preferred method is to remove the rod that holds the float, but because I did not want to risk breaking the carb I could not do that, the needle fell out numerous times while trying to put the carb bowl back on, and it was a confliguration I could not get why, Then getting the old seat out was a minor PIA, but getting the new one in even worse, lucky in my old age I had the wisdom to have a tarp under my carb to catch falling parts. Needle probably a half a dozen catches, seat about the same, first three tries ended up getting that little tard sideaways, start simple and work your way up.

The 4 barrel carbs on the old 100 hp evinrude caused me less aggravation than the 1 carb on the snowblower!

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@Barkydog Agree with dropping things I do use a tarp when I do jobs like that.

That’s why I tend to leave fuel in the carb instead of running it dry, but I only use non oxy fuel with Briggs fuel stabilizer year round. Don,t feel bad though I overhauled my blower carb twice before figuring out to turn the fuel on.

@bing I hear you, I was like I have an electrical problem, slept on it, gawd man did you see if there was even gas in the tank? Course due to the broken clamp at the carb the gas had all leaked out and the tank was empty, filling up the tank did not work, hindsight 20/20, ended up the double whammy, up and running at the end of the day, that is all that counts I guess!