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Sometime vibration

2004 Toyota Tacoma… I drive 40 miles each way to work daily and sometime, usually 20 minutes into the drive, I get a vibration in the front end and felt through the floorboards and steering wheel, that get progressively worse until the entire cab is shaking. It lasts approximately 10 minutes and then it stops only to happen again on the next drive. Wheels have been checked. Any thoughts???

It sounds like we have similar problems! I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla and I just had my tires replaced because I thought that was it too. I’m still having the same problem despite new tires, spark plugs, and a full safety inspection. I hope you can figure out the problem!!

It just might be the road surface at that particular area. Try avoiding that area to see if that has an effect.

I think any experienced driver can tell the difference between a bad road and actual mechanical problems. I’d say you have some worn members in your front suspension although I cannot account for the intermittent behavior. Ball joints, bushings, struts, etc. – all these pieces need to be checked out by an experienced suspension guy. Ask around for a reliable specialist.

Does this happen while cruising at a constant speed? Straight highway or with curves?