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I have a 2004 Kia Sedona Van with approximately 107,000 miles. The last month, I noticed it seems between 38-48 MPH.You will suddenly feel a vibration like you ran over “wake up bumps” though not as rough. It has lasted a couple to maybe 5 seconds. The vibration may not happen but once a day or can happen couple times a day.

There can be a couple of days that it does not do it. I had the front end check-tires and there was no problems. Do you have any suggestions maybe were to go from here?


It sounds like the front suspension. Did you have just the tires inspected, or was the suspension checked, too? It might be CV joints or bushings.

Next time it happens, put the car in neutral a coast for a few seconds, letting the engine idle. If no change in the vibration, it’s in the tires or drive-line…Tires with Fix-A-Flat in them or any liquid can do this…It doesn’t take much, anything over 4 ounces will do it…

It could be the tires, or it could be the CV joints, but… the brief, intermittent nature of the vibration suggests that it could be from the transmission–believe it or not. When the Torque Converter Clutch Lockup mechanism is not operating as it should, it can produce the exact symptoms that the OP described, at the speeds mentioned by the OP.

So…if rebalancing the tires is to no avail, and if inspection of the CV joints proves fruitless, I would suggest unplugging the wire leading to the TCC solenoid. Actually, you might want to try my suggestion first, before spending money on possibly unnecessary tire balancing. If the vibration goes away at that point, you have found the problem.

Has this car been looked at by an alignment shop? I mean a shop that does nothing but alignments? If not, that’s probably the place I’d start. Before I took it to the alignment shop, me, I’d first jack up the car and do a quick visual of the CV joints and boots, inner and outer, then rock the wheels, checking for any unusual loose play.

My sense however is that this is something only an alignment shop will be able to figure out.

It may be you have an issue with the antilock brakes. A bad sensor that is intermittent will cause this stutter type of vibration.