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Something Nasty Crauled into the Ventilation and Died!

We have a 2008 Pontiac G6 and live in SW Florida. A nasty cold snap hit and some little critter must have climbed into the ventilation system and died (a mouse perhaps???). When I turn on the fan it smells most nasty, really dead and nasty…no fan…no smell. I removed the air filter (nothing there, no smell). I looked in the ventilation area by the windshield and can’t see anything, but oh what a smell.

Any clue as to how I can access the system to search for the remains of a nasty little critter?

Would go to the dealer but in the words of the first plumbers as caught by Gary Larson…“hmmmm, this no look cheap.” And on a church minister’s salary, we need to be frugal.

THANKS for any help!!!

“removed air filter” … was that the cabin air filter? Our smelly mouse had built a nest on the filter and then died there… If all else fails turn on blower and spray lysol into the air intakes…it will take a while but the odor will go away…cheaper than taking plumbing apart.

Thanks! No, that was the air filter for the motor, turns out the G6 does not have a cabin filter (checked it out, has a cutout, but it was not installed). That Lysol idea has merit, before we engage in a full tear down…thanks!