Some tire humor

Not necessarily GOOD humor, but…


Clearly a tired “dad joke”…
Not gonna get much traction with that one…
Laughing so hard I hit the side walls…
Re-treading those old Star Trek memes…
Too many follow up puns just lets the air out of that joke…

Stop me! Stop me before I pun again! :upside_down_face:


Speaking of Good Humor, I miss them.


The trucks? Or the ice cream? Good Humor ice cream is still available, at least in our local stores.

Founded in Youngstown, Ohio in 1920. Now part of Breyers making it the largest ice cream maker in the country.


Its not the same, the pristine white trucks, the guys in their uniforms, the change makers they carried on their belts. Everything i enjoyed is either disappearing or is gone already. I never expected to live past 70, and let me tell you, it stinks.


I’m 52 and I fully expect to work for another 20+ years before retirement. Maybe then I can start working on a dream car!


At 60 i expected to work until 70. I started getting tired of waking up at 5:30 AM to go to work. I then calculated the difference in social security between 66 and 70. It wasnt enough to be concerned about. I decided, without telling anyone, to retire at 66. However, not long after my 64th birthday, my employer informed me i was “retiring” at the end of that year.

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Even though you didn’t expect to live that long?

At least I know when I’m going to die! :grinning: See, 30-some years ago, my grandfather lived to be 90 and died on June 3. Two years ago my dad was 90 and died on June 3. So I at least can plan ahead.

I wonder what kind of car I’ll have when I’m 90?


According to this source Blue Bell is the largest, followed by Hagen Dazs, and then Breyers based on total sales. The article groups all the small ice cream makers in ‘Private Label’ and call that group #1.


Growing up in central NY (Dairy Country), we’d take family trips to visit different local Ice Cream stands many Dairy Farms had. Very few today. You couldn’t get any exotic flavors at these stands, but the Ice Cream was EXCELLENT. Some of those local Dairy Farms got big and started producing bulk Ice Cream and sold in Local Stores. I prefer this Ice Cream to anything else on the market. If you read their packaging there’s only a few ingredients… water, ice, milk fat, milk protein, sugar and air . Compare that to some of the national brands.


I’ve started buying Tillamook ice cream. Not too many extras. They use a variety of gum extracts, but at least it’s from plant matter.


I’m guessing it will be electric:

Sorry, couldn’t resist :rofl:


I also like Tillamook . . . although I’ve cut back drastically, as I’m fighting to keep my weight down, which means more exercise and less sweets :frowning_face:

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Same for me. I eat ice cream at birthdays and maybe holidays.

That’s my rule too. Just remember, every day is somebody’s birthday! :grinning:

Yeah, that’s a big problem here too, but as long as you stay active at the shop it should help. 9 months ago I switched from being an active technician/shop manager and now have an inside desk job and work from home 1 week/month. I’ve gained 10 lbs. this year, which is absolutely the wrong direction.

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I probably have ice cream 5 times a week.


That’s better than my history . . . which in some cases was 30lbs in one year :astonished:

I worked hard to get it down to “normal” by riding the exercise bike . . . I bought one for my enclosed patio, because it’s kind of hard to ignore it, if you see it every day . . . and changing my diet

But it’s hard to be diligent :slightly_frowning_face:

You can eat anything you want as long as you use as much or more calories than you take in. My wife is great at portion control. I’m better than I used to be and still need to work on it. I use the Fat Secret app on my phone to check on the calories per unit weight of foods I’m not familiar with. For my usual meals I already know how much to consume to max out at 500 calories per meal.

Yeah, umm, that there’s the problem. I have no sense of moderation or self control. Why would I stop eating before I feel I can’t eat any more? Why would I have 2 bourbons when there’s still time to drink one more?

I will say I’m still amazed that at 260lbs I can still crawl under a dash to do some wiring or twist into an engine compartment to get to those rear spark plugs. For me changing jobs has been a challenge. I used to easily top 16,000 steps in a day. Now I’m lucky to hit 5,000.

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You know when you are really old when the oldies station in town stops playing your music.