Some may actually like NY SO1949

Proposed in NY, some extensive changes in how the amount under “total amount due” is computed on a repair order. It is proposed that the repair order must indicate the actual time expended for a repair and how the labor charge was computed. If the rate originated from a flat rate manual the customer (upon request) must be shown the section the rate was found. Also proposed is that the customer must be able to view the purchase order for parts used. Last but not least a customer must be told if a service recommended deviates from what the owners manual says.

Full text of the proposal from

SO 1949 will never get out of committee…

Nothing in the bill looked unrealistic to me. I particularly liked the traceability controls on salvaged inflatable protection devices (airbags).

I was thinking of you when I came up with the title to my post. I did not even notice the traceability controls aspect to the proposal.

Thanks for thinking of me.

While I’m not an advocate of regulation for the sake of control, this bill I see as a consumer protection bill. That, I believe, is the purpoase of our legislators, to protect the innocent from the predators.