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SOLVED!: Horn "ring" sounds "high" horn. Key fob panic button sounds BOTH!

THIRD HORN in the Letsuck!!!
Sounds near the top of the firewall driverside.
(Hidden in case criminals disconnecthe front horns?)

When key fob panic button is depressed, the firewalhorn sounds along withe two vehicle horns in front of the radiator.

I was mistaking the firewalhorn for the low horn.
Low horn is not sounding.
Tapping it, s.andried mud has come out of it.

Low horn $110 at Letsuck dealership.
(Shall tryvashing outhe road grime with dish soap and water.)

Original post:
Lexus Rx350.
Sunday emergencyehicle check.
Used the key fob “panic” button to discover whichorn isilent.
Bothornsound along witheadlights flashing.
Where is the horn relay?
Any ideas?
Thank you.

From what I see the high pitch horn is on the drivers side and the low pitch on the passenger side. The engine block junction ass’y contains the horn relay and horn fuse, located in the left front fender area.

Thank you. Shallook.
I had moved bothorns to make room for the TS100 siren speakers.
Thoughthathe ground may have become po.or water got in andamaged the low pitchorn.
But both work perfectlyvhen the panic button is pressed!!
Wish I could see a circuit schematic.
Thank you.