Solved, and you'll never guess! HELP! Dead battery and funny smell. VSC and check engine lights on and off. Charging system and battery good



Every amp I have installed has fused power lead from battery. Amp is always hot. The head unit turns on amp. I would have to look at schematic to see if factory amp is similar.


Don’t forget to let him back out or you will have a different smell in a few days.


Many (all?) vehicles have a way to unlock the trunk manually from the inside, and you can’t get locked in as long as you know where the handle is. Check the Camry’s trunk and see if it is there.


Of course there is, lol. I was a joking. I just had him get in and close the trunk so he could see if the bar was indeed touching the wires when closed. It was. The only reason I didn’t get in is extreme claustrophobia. Not because I feared I couldn’t get out :slight_smile:


Oh shoot! Let me run out there… :wink:


This is what I’ve read. And with my car turned off, the amp made all sorts of sounds when messing with the fuse.


This is what first got made me investigate… a long comment a ways down…


@jtsanders It was a joke son. Don’t take it so seriously. Correct ever since kids started dying in trunks, handles that glow in the dark were put in trunks. OTOH, older cars don’t have this feature so always check before locking yourself in a trunk.


Is there an echo in here? The OP already said that. I was just trying to be a nice guy. I can see that it is still true that no good deed goes unpunished.


That has almost always been my experience!