2007 Toyota camry 4 cylinder - Battery warning and other noises

Hello everyone,

Few days back I started hearing a weird “airplane” takeoff noise from the engine when I started the car one morning. During driving the car, I could hear the same noise during accelerating. This happened next morning too but I also noticed the “battery warning” light show up for the first 5 minutes of driving the car. I continued to drive for the next few days with same symptoms - battery warning on for first few minutes, and airplane type of noise from the engine.
I went to autozone borrow the code reader and the report was clean except for a long ongoing P301 code which I posted on my previous topic early this summer.
Also, for the autozone staff member did a battery check and noted the battery was in good condition (81%) charge. So, I took to the mechanic and tried to explain it to them about the issue but they were booked and just did a quick visual. Crazily when the started the car the noise was no longer happening and they asked to come back when the noise is more evident. While the driving the car home realized the noise was evident when driving the car. So, was planning to take car for checkup after I got an appointment.
Today morning when starting the car, it did turned on with a cranking noise and I left it running for 5-10mins to warm up. When I came back to the car, it was completely dead with a strange whirring noise somewhere near the battery (not the battery itself - maybe the relay fuse but not sure.). Even after removing the key the whirring noise kept going for few minutes when it stopped. Tried couple more times to start the car and the same issue. I decided later in the morning to call the towing company to get the car towed. I had to run few errands and ended up using another car before I came back home 4 hours later.
Now, when I tired starting the car - the same symptom appears (low battery) but the car did start.
Any ideas what might be going on ? Is there a problem with the battery or something connected to the battery or something completely different ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Camry V4 ???

This is just a shot in the dark, but the car’s EVAP system performs periodic self-tests in order to detect leaks in the EVAP system. I recall hearing a fairly loud noise coming from my friend’s new 2008 Rav-4 when it was parked, and after perusing the Owner’s Manual, I determined that this was the noise from that self-test.

All of that being said, if it is indeed the EVAP self-test that you are hearing, it is running far too often, so that system would need to be checked by a competent mechanic.

This may be helpful:

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Possibly bad serpentine belt, belt tensioner, idler pulley, and/or alternator.


He stated that he heard the noise even when the engine wasn’t running:

There may be two sets of problems. It appears that the noise after shutdown was not present initially; it also appears to be a different noise.

OP, please clarify.

yep. 2007 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder.

I agree…its probably two different set of problems. The noise that happened after the car did not start is completely different and unrelated to the accelerating noise or the one that I see sometimes during startup.

Maybe we just focus on the battery problem and why would the car start and stop even if its charged at 81% in the morning. If battery was the problem, the car should not have started again…also the whirring noise after the car died did go on for few minutes…I am assuming this is related to the self test ?

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:man_facepalming: meant 4 cylinder

Yep, 4 cylinder. Nope, Toyota V4 never existed, it’s an inline 4.

Maybe the Toyota engine was swapped for a Ford Taunus V4? or a Lancia V4?? :crazy_face:


I’m just wondering if the relay or the sensor that controls the radiator fans is failing and what is heard is the fan running at full blast. That would run down the battery, because those fans can run even with the key off.


That is the sound of a failing alternator.

That is the charging system warning light. Operating with a failing alternator will discharge the battery.


Ask shop to determine if noise is caused by something on accessory drive belt. It might be possible to remove the belt and still start and run the engine briefly. Caution, water pump may not be working w/belt removed. If noise not present, pretty good chance its something on that belt path. With belt off, may be able to hand-spin pulleys etc and hear a noise if the bearing is faulty. Ask he shop to check the tensioner too, belt tension is correct etc, if not working could cause the alternator pulley to slip & alternator warning light to turn on

Bath evap and abs systems may use self tests that make noise even after engine is turned off. abs self tests often sound like a rapidly repeating knocking sound.

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The ABS self-test runs after driving 20-50 feet, and only under certain conditions–while the engine is running. If the ABS self test is running with the engine turned off, there is clearly a malfunction in the ABS.


Yep, thank you ! The car stalled on the way to the mechanic and had to get it towed. They found the issue to be alternator…getting the alternator + serptine belt replaced.


Changing the alternator fixed the issue ! Thanks everyone.