Solution for EV range anxiety: a small trailer with a generator?

Your neighbors will treat you just like a farmer using organic fertilizer and make you move. Only half joking.

How about the energy it takes to make steel is it a big difference?

Your neighbors will treat you just like a farmer using organic fertilizer and make you move. . .
One place I lived in Florida I would get a full PU load from a horse farm :l and use what I needed and pass the rest around to the neighbors and never have a complaint. :laughing:

I made that comment because I had a similar post in another thread.

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In populated areas there are 10-12 lane highways to accommodate the large volume of passenger vehicles, that is a lot of land and pavement needed for light vehicles.

If there were no cars, the commercial trucks could get by with 4 lane highways, a lot less to maintain.

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True, freight railroads are alive and well, but trucks are still required to get goods to and from the freight terminals. Yet where I live, the railroad was built 150 years ago, people buy houses nearby then complain about the trains.
High speed (though not as high speed as European or Japanese) passenger service is coming to our area. Much complaining as crossings are updated and improved to accommodate the passenger trains.

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I know it. Just after we bought out house we noticed railroad noise at all hours of the day and night. The rail line is about a half a mile away and down a big hill. It’s the main CSX line going west out of Baltimore. I walked down the street to the end and those houses are right above the rail line. I bet those people didn’t come out and listen when the train came by before buying. It doesn’t happen often, but it is loud.

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If you mean the Brightline, yes much complaining. I suspect it will get worse before it gets better.

Quite a few deaths from people crossing the tracks in front of the train… How a pedestrian or cyclist doesn’t notice a train is beyond me!

You’re being very unrealistic if you expect them to stop looking at their Smartphones and/or remove their earbuds.


Ah yes, crazy me! :crazy_face:

Common problem here. I suppose by now it is everywhere. Can make even neighborhood bicycling unpleasant and unsafe.

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Nah, you know the train chased them down the street.
Yes, Brightline.


We have the same thing with a gun range near me. It’s been there for decades. Yet several new families to the neighborhood constantly complain about it. If it bothered you then why did you buy a house here. It’s not really that close (over a mile away). But you can hear pretty clearly. Really no danger of getting hit by a stray bullet because the range is down range from where we live.

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I know of 2 people, pedestrians, killed by trains that run down the center of the street in downtown Oakland, CA. Both were waiting for a train to pass, it did, and they started across, only to be hit by a second train going the other way on the other track. It’s really stupid to run trains on the surface in built up areas.

And really stupid(er) not to look BOTH WAYS before crossing a train track. Especially when they obviously knew the track was there. Darwinism at work.


Heh, heh, I got flagged for responding to you—because gun range is not car related!
I drove my car to the range.

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What a ridiculous flagging reason. Just as an aside, of course your going to drive there, I’m not taking an assortment of small arms on public transport.

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Unlikely public transport goes anywhere near an outdoor facility.

Whoa! We’ve found common ground!

Road taxes on cars are a huge subsidy for the trucking industry. Roads are actually designed, and built, to meet the demands of trucks. Were it not for big trucks, the roads would cost less to build and maintain.

Heavy trucks do the serious damage quickly like breaking the concrete. Cars continuously pound those cracks making the potholes. But then again, no trucks would equal thinner roads, cars would break and smash the roads.

Still back to my main point, lighter vehicles = less road wear and less energy used to haul around the vehicle…the Model3 weighs 25% more than the corolla and requires bigger tires…there is a road wear, and carbon, cost to that which is not included in the “green’ness” calculations of EV’s.

Look at the increase in fuel economy in a fully loaded versus empty semi truck: MPG of your truck full and empty? | Trucking Forum | #1 CDL Truck Driver Message Board

It’s only about 1.5x fuel consumption fully loaded, which is well over double the weight of empty.