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SOHC -Subaru Timing Insight please!

SUBARU INSIGHT!- I just replaced my timing belt on my SOHC '04 Outback, placed both cams and crank at- what I thought was TDC- put the car back together, went to start, and crank and crank and crank…BAM! Air filter housing clown off and strong fuel odor out of my air filter housing- Insight on how to correct this issue please? Is my crank 180 degree’s out? How to I adjust?

edit- Air Filter housing ‘BLOWN’ off.-

Here is a pic of the timing marks.

Let’s start at the beginning. Did you replace the timing belt because it broke? Or slipped? Or did you replace it just because it was due, and everything was intact when you started the work? If it is the latter then hopefully you set up TDC at the beginning of the job and left it as such during r&r of the belt.

If you moved the crank and camshafts independently, then you probably got the crankshaft 360 degrees off at TDC of the exhaust stroke instead of the compression stroke. In which case, you probably need to remove the belt and rotate the crank another 360.

I don’t know if yours is an interference engine. If it is, hopefully you didn’t bend a valve.

Your car has an interference fit engine which means that cylinder head and/or piston damage can occur if the belt timing was off enough.

What I would suggest is that you check a few cylinders by rotating a camshaft until the valves are closed on that particular cylinder according to the cam lobe positions.
Then note if there is excessive valve lash or apply compressed air through the spark plug hole while noting if air hisses back out of the intake. Either one of those scenarios points to bent intake valves with the intakes usually at fault as the valve head diameter is larger than the exhaust valves.

I think a Subie timing belt is probaly best left to an experienced mechanic,had a friend who tried to do his on a 1.8 Brighton(He had to get professional help) hope you didnt ruin the engine-Kevin

Recheck timing marks