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Soft, squishy brakes

I’ve got a 2003 Chevy Avalanche with almost 134k miles on it. I’ve noticed after driving a rental car recently that my brake peddle feels very soft and the brakes don’t seem as responsive as the rental car. I’m sure there is a wear and age issue here but is there a way to get the brakes to react and feel as responsive and not so “squishy” like they do now?



Have the fluid replaced, and the brakes bled.

And the lines that are rubber checked. They could be soft and allowing expansion stealing some of the pressure

…and especially if the rear brakes are drums have those inspected. Its not uncommon for the auto adjusters to freeze up. Then the rears get out of adjustment and your fronts have to do most everything while a bunch of pressure gets lost on the rear.

Its probably just time to get it to a good local shop for inspection.

thanks for the advise.