Soft Mushy Brakes - Honda Element 07

WELL, THANKS TO THOSE THAT ACTUALLY READ AND ARE A PART OF THESE FORUMS, my soft mushy brakes are on their way to being fixed at the dealer, HONDA - Who ought to get suid to keeping this one a secret.

A FAILED MODULATOR, came up on Service Advisory A52, renewed in MArch of this year, to repair the problem. THOUSANDS of ELEMENT owners should converve on HONDA for a CLASS ACTION SUIT due to their insistence that there was nothing wrong here. I hope everyone with a HONDA of ANY MODEL (ODESSY, PRELUDE, ETC. included) will read this, and go to their dealer, and talk about FP reports,(Failed Part)report 57110-SCV-A72 Modulator 9125782. HONDA ISN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE!!! Thanks to all FORUMS!!!

Yes, they should definitely converve.

OK. Sorry. So I didn’t proof read it. CONVERGE. How’s that? You got the point, right?

Actually, if there is a Service Advisory, and if Honda is willing to do this repair free-of-charge, then there is no need for a Class Action Suit.

On the other hand, if Honda is not willing to shoulder the cost, then a Class Action Suit might be a good idea. You should be aware, however, that legal costs can frequently eat up so much of the settlement resulting from one of these legal actions that the aggrieved parties actually recover only a VERY small sum of money.

I would recommend filing a complaint with The National Highway Traffic Administration. If there are sufficient complaints, NHTSA can mandate a vehicle recall. In the event of a recall, owners who paid for repairs can be reimbursed after the fact by the manufacturer.

“I would recommend filing a complaint with The National Highway Traffic Administration.”

An excellent idea. Here’s the URL:

Great Idea, and I will follow through on that, as well as the B.B.B. Thanks for the URL.

Don’t waste your time with the BBB.

Several months ago, Smart Money magazine published their investigative report that confirmed what I already knew, namely that the BBB helps relatively few people. This profit-making, old-boys’ club for business men has no regulatory or punitive power. The nickname for the BBB is the Better FOR Business Bureau.

If you would like to read the Smart Money report on the BBB, take a look at: