Socket size

1994 ford escort (zetec)1600

what size socket for the spark plug,and are the plugs tapered.and the gap size .many thank. john

Jeez, man. Just look at them. They are either 5/8 Standard or 13/16 Standard. If you buy the replacements, they will either be tapered or flat-washered. I’m wondering what difference that makes. You don’t need anything special for either one. And the proper gap size is listed on the yellow emissions sticker under the hood. All the info you need is right there on the car.

The 94 escort was not a 1.6 . they had either a 1.8 or 1.9 each of which uses the 5/8 socket. Or is this car not a 94 ?? the last year for 1.6 was '85. which piece of info is wrong? The first answer from bustedknuckles says it all…just look to see, but with all this oddness in your inquiry…should you be working on your own car ?

chrome size.

sorry had too!LOL!

The auto parts store aften has a book that cross references spark plug brands so that you can interchange the store’s favorite for whatever you currinty have. The gap width is often listed in these books. As for the socket, just buy the replacement plugs and take one to Sears. Plug it into the spark plug sockets until you find one that you like.