Snow tires

I have a box truck I use to make deliveries and need work regardless of the amount of course within reason. My question is can I put one set of snows on the back with all season tires as I have dual tires in the back. thanks for advice

Does the owner’s manual say anything about mixing tires on your dual wheels ? If they advise you not to, you have your answer. Generally, a newer tire next to an older one will wear down faster as it now accepts more of the load having the most tread. You will then have worse and not balanced traction on the rear in normal driving. I would buy six and make sure their mileage is the same. My neighbor has a dual wheel plowing and sanding truck…he bought six mainly for that and best overall traction. So In general, regardless of the number of tires, unless the truck manufacturer tells you differently, match all of the tires. Besides, with the heavier unbalanced load in the back, you need the added traction on both sets of rear wheels when cornering and braking to keep it tracking staight.

+1 for dagosa. You have 4 wheels on the rear so you need 4 snow tires. Trying to save money like this will end up costing you big time.