Front wheel drive snow tires---2 or 4?

On a front wheel Cadillac (2011) DTS, can I use only two snow tires–installed in the front?? These cars have stablization systems which are profound. I never had a problem with the rear end swinging out in my 2005 Sedan de ville. It looks to me as if the tire dealers just want to sell more tires, as they all suggest 4 snow tires. Aren’t the rear tires just “along for the ride?” They have no torque.

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All cars should have four real winter tires – not “all” (read 3) season tires. Does not matter if the car is RWD, FWD or AWD. Tires with the best tread always go on the back wheels, not the front. Reason being – when it comes to stopping, the best tires will have the best grip. If you only ran winter tires on the front, they would grip and the back end would swing around and become the front end. Especially if you were braking while turning.

You need four winter tires, not just two.

If you lose traction in the front, you can turn the wheels to try to regain traction. If you lose traction in the rear, there is nothing you can do except hope you packed a clean pair of underwear.

Your front tires get you moving, but the back ones help keep you in your correct lane and help you stop safely. I have 2 sets of rims and tires for my car. Your summer tires won’t get any wear on them while your winter tires are in use. So in the long run you don’t end up buying more tires. Each set will just last longer.

If it isn’t illegal to mount snow tires only on the front by a tire dealer in your state, it should be. It is in ours. Depending on your traction control system which uses the brakes is fool hearty. Not only will it prematurely wear your brakes, but it becomes ineffective in severe conditions. Gold wing and Whitey are absolutey right…it can be cheaper in the long run, on both tires and underwear.

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