Snow Tires?

I live in the upper central plains,have a 2003 Toyota Avalon and drive about 20K/year - SD and MN, on quite well maintained roads; however, I live on a street that is always one of the last to be plowed, so frequently need to drive a few blocks before the plow comes and also cross ridges from the plows on cross streets. I would appreciate thoughts on the pros/cons of getting a set of snow tires for winter use. I currently have a good set of all weather tires, but don’t like the winter difficulty that this street can present.

Sounds like you’d find a good set of winter tires (on a separate set of rims) worth it. Check out, get the smallest wheel size that’ll fit your Avalon, you don’t want low profile tires.

Texases is right. You actually save money in tire expense over the life of the car by rotating two sets of tires. Your all seasons don’t have to be changed as often to deal with winter driving, and winter tires if changed before warm weather have excellent wear. The biggest expense, and it may be a real big one, is buying the extra set of rims for the Avalon. Do lots of research and see if there are steel after market from dealers like Tire Rack or Camry standard rims that fit. I used old Tundra steel rims for my 4runner which fit perfectly. If you can get lucky and not have to buy a set of alloys, I would recomend you follow “texases” excellent suggestion.