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Snow tires in Los Angeles?

I am going to be doing many trips this winter between northern Coastal Oregon (where the temperature can get down to the 20’s at night) and Los Angeles (where the temperature can get up to the 90’s during the day). I may have all sorts of combinations of weather along the drive. Being a Prius geek, I would like to find some sort of tire that can survive both extremes of weather, still provide good MPG, and have good treadwear. Is there such a thing?


Nokian has a tire that handles winter snows and does ok in warmer weather too.

There are many good “All Season” tires that will serve you well. You Do Not want "Snow tires…

I own the tire. It is called a Nokian WR G2. It is one of the few all-seasons that is also rated for severe winter use(qualifies as snow tire).

It has low rolling resistance, excellent wear(I got nearly 50k out of low profile V-rated ones), and is very pleasant in all conditions.

OR use all season (really only three season) tyres and carry chains and know how to put them on…

Does not seem like there could be a tire that excells at all the parameters you list, probably just a compromise type tire. This is not to say a tire manufacture will not try and sell you on the idea that a certain tire can do all the things you list and do them all at an excellent level of performance.

The Western coastal weather and Los Angeles weather are not extreme. You will have no problems with your tires even if they are snow tires. I ran Mastercraft Glacier Grip tires in mid-Maine and Summers are usually in the upper 80’s. It isn’t always in the 90’s in L.A. Pavement temperatures get very hot here in the Northeast. Now, if you were going to or through Victorville… Don’t forget to stop at Nordstrom’s in Santa Barbara for carrot cake. Coco’s in Calabasas for coffee?

Snow tires generally wear quickly in temperatures over 60 degrees.

A tire to consider–if it comes in a size appropriate for the Prius–is the [b]Goodyear Triple Tread[/b].

A friend of mine bought a set because he wanted a snow-capable tire that could be used all year-round, and he is very satisfied with them. The Goodyear Triple Tread has the Mountain Peak/Snowflake symbol on the sidewall, indicating that it meets industry standards for a winter tire, yet it is also good as a daily-driver tire for the other three seasons.