Snow Tires for my Toyota Tundra 2WD PU



Does anyone have a suggestion for a decent pair of snows for a 2WD Toyota Tundra (02-standard). I’ve been through two sets of Pacemark Snowtrackers in four years. I’m not a cheapskate, and I don’t burn out, somehow I feel I should get more than 30K or so on a set of tires. Studs are out because when they get “thin” for Winter I’ll run them in the Summer. The last set I bought we filled with hydrogen.

Oh yes, we’re talking Maine here, I have a long driveway that get’s plowed once a day during storms ? so I need an agressive tread.

Agressive tread

Long(er) life than 30K

I’m not a cheapskate


Just a follow-up to my post, the last set of tires were filled with nitrogen.
Age appropriate “gen” confused.


Oh, so the hydrogen isn’t a marketing gimmick to reduce your car’s weight?

Getting two seasons out of a set of snowtires is generally the norm. Most of them tend to wear quite badly on dry pavement, so you should try to only have them on during the snowiest parts of the year. However, in the last few years, they’ve come out with a few winter tires that perform quite well on pavement as well as all-season tires that perform well in the snow. has a wealth of information.


A set of snow tires on an extra set of rims (junk yard source or tire rack) makes swapping them on and off for the season much easier. They will last longer if you don’t use them all year.


Nokian tires are pricier but known to last the longest of winter tires.


Thanks to all, the link was just what I was looking for GreasyJack.
I also have an extra set of rims for my snows great minds think alike.
I’m a little leary of the Nokian tires after looking at
thanks again!