Tire replacement question

At 45,000 miles, my fiance replaced her two original front tires on her 2003 Toyota Tundra. Now 18 months later and an additional 25,000 miles, my wife needs to replace the original rear tires. Our question is do we replace just the rear tires or replace all 4 tires?

First, you need to supply some missing information.

Is this Tundra a 4WD or a 2WD vehicle?
How much tread is remaining on the front tires? (7/32"?, 5/32"?, 3/32"???)

If you are buying just 2 tires, the new tires should be mounted on the rear wheels, according to all of the major tire manufacturers. Even if this seems to be counterintuitive, that is what their testing indicates is the best way to avoid loss of control of the vehicle under extreme handling situations. However, at this point, we need more information in order to advise whether you can get away with just 2 tires, or if you need to replace all 4 tires.

Quinton, First Things, First. How Do You Get Your Fiance And Your Wife To Cooperate So Well?


This is a case of multi-tasking, I guess!


Did you mean AWD rather than 4WD?

Yes, I did mean AWD. Thank you for the clarification.

It is a 2 wd tundra, 4.7 V8 with limited slip. Primary use is transportation to and from graduate school 1 hr away, but occassionally tows a 7 X 14 box trailer or hauls a load of gravel. Your typical truck.

She is a unique women if you haven’t figured out by the fact she is driving a truck. IF she had it her way her father would have purchased a diesel 4X4 for her, but Toyota is still not producing a diesel in the US.