Snow Tire replacement

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey, van. Brought 4 snow tires about 4 and ? years ago and they were changed every season. The estimate usage of these tires are around 26,000 miles. The non-snow tires we had ?bit the dust? last November and ever since we have been driving using the snow tires. The question is should I buy 4 new non-snow tires now that is spring time or should I continue to use the snow tires (treat them as non-snow tires), eventually buy another set of the snow tires (may be in the upcoming winter).

If you buy non-snow tires now you probably will get several more winter seasons out of your snow tires…otherwise the snows will need replacement next year and then you have to by two sets of tires…

Thanks for the input

Real winter tyres are great in the snow, but don’t do so well in the heat. All seaon tyers (really three season) do very nicely in three seasons but not in winter. If you want to best safest tyres, put the winter tryes on in winter and all season the rest of the year. You will save money in the long run also.

Measure the tread depth with a guage. If at 6/32" or less the snow tires have lost their winter abilities and can be deemed all-seasons until the next winter when you replace them with new.

I had a good set of snow tires once for five years. Then, although they still looked good, they lost their uphill traction. Maybe yours are better than those were but they may be losing traction.