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Snow packed tail pipe

I managed to pack my tail pipe full of new snow when I backed into my unplowed parking spaced last night. I noticed it shortly after pulling out of the space today.

I know enough that it needs to be removed for safety, but an internet search has produced nothing on HOW to remove it. Can I stick in the tail pipe to scoop it out? How long can it be? Do I risk pushing snow further down the pipe? I’ve read if the exhaust heats up enough the snow may melt or vaporize, but it may also just condense and then freeze once the exhaust cools. Any direction would be helpful - first concern being getting most of the snow out. Thanks!

I would just drive it–heat and pressure will melt or force the snow out of the tailpipe in a few minutes, maximum. There is no way parking the car forced that much snow into the pipe to make it seal shut and stall the motor.

Even if it turns to water, your exhaust system has holes in it to allow water to escape–a large percentage of burned gasoline is H20!

I agree. Drive on and don’t worry about it.

Geez…I’ll bet it’s happened to me 100 times or more…Just drive it.

I felt better trying to scoop out some of it and then drove it. It appears clear now.
Thanks for the feedback!