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Help help help! truck stuck in ice!

i have a 1989 chevy blazer 5.7 tbi engine caurberated

okay so here is the problem. a couple days ago i went offroading and i live in utah but anyways, its been snowing out here and while i was offroading, i accidentally hit a bed of about 5 inch thick ice and i had to leave it there because i needed to wench it out, it sat there for about three days, i finally got it pulled out but, there is ice on the inside of my tires near the caliper and rotor, it is frozen and will not move. any solutions to my predicament???

there was also water in this ice and mud i need to get this wheel unfrozen quickly

  1. TBI is a type of fuel injection, it sort of looks like carb, but it isn’t a carburetor.

  2. Ice will melt eventually. A hair dryer or heat gun can hurry the process along, but depending on where the vehicle is, it may not be a practical solution.

It will solve itself by late April or early May. But if you need a shorter horizon, you could spray it with some antifreeze in a garden sprayer. I would recommend that you use a propylene glycol based antifreeze like Safer or LowTox rather than Ethylene Glycol. If you have a metal can sprayer, you could heat up water in it with a propane torch or propane camp stove and spray, or heat water in a large pot on a camp stove and use a plastic garden sprayer. Heated lowtox antifreeze would work very fast.

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yes i know that it is a throttle body injection ran through the frame. its also a part on the carb.

and its still in the offroading area but its been pulled out of the muddy icey water
so unfortunately i cant use a hair dryer or a heat gun. would hot water with a salt mixture work? im trying to figure out if it will, but on the other hand im wondering if it will refreeze and ill be stuck in the same situation.

12 volt heat gun or if you have a 110 converter you can use a 110 volt. I used to do that but had to keep the motor running.

One more thing, if the ice is only on the side with the exhaust/muffler, the heat from the exhaust will eventually melt the ice, unless there is a strong wind blowing. If there is, you could cover the area with a blanket or cardboard to block the wind.

Salt water will also work. Once the ice is melted, get the truck out of the area and to high ground quickly because it will refreeze again. As long as you are moving, it won’t freeze to the point of getting you stuck. The ice won’t form between parts where there is motion between them.

were can i exactly find a 12v heat gun?

thats the thing, its not moving because there is ice stuck between the inside of the wheel and the rotor on the front drivers side.

There is no carb, the TBI assembly simply looks like carb, but there’s no jets, float chambers, etc. Instead there’s a bar with two fuel injectors on it that sprays fuel into the intake manifold. Anyway, that’s not your problem. @skulldrinker has a good idea. But if that’s not feasible then you can try hot water, but it may just refreeze again depending on how cold it is. Also you make be able to get it to just break free by getting the vehicle moving again.

Amazon…quicker to find a 110 v converter and use that power. Don’t forget an extension cord and a tarp to lay on.

ok cool thank you.

Maybe a flexible dryer vent run from your exhaust pipe to the frozen wheel would do the trick, although perhaps that’s too hot for any plastic and rubber parts in that area.

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Your going to need a huge inverter, a heat gun draws about 1500 watts. A gallon of low tox antifreeze will be a lot cheaper and will melt the ice in seconds. There is the easy way and the hard way, a heat gun is the hard way.

Edit: you can get a one gallon garden sprayer at any hardware store or Walmart. You can find the low tox antifreeze at most autoparts stores, but probably not at Walmart. If you are not in an environmentally sensitive area, then regular antifreeze would work, but it is highly toxic to any animals that might drink it so try not to leave any pools of the stuff. Its a very agonizing death for the animal too.

so am i able to buy that low tox antifreeze at auto zone, checkers auto zone, or oreillys? or am i gonna have to find it at a special place or something?

That is a very good idea. They sell those hoses for thawing out your key holes. Ask the first hvac service truck you pass to borrow one.

Rubbing alcohol or Windshield de-icer spray can at AZ.

see above, but yes.

im just wondering if that will work because this ice is like 5 inches thick and im not sure if a little bit of exhaust heat will do the job

I carry a propane torch in my truck.