Snow and Ice Driving

I have a 2010 Dodge Nitro and when I drive on icy roads the car makes vibrating noises but handles just fine when I get on bare roads everything is fine. Can someone tell me why I’m getting the noises on icy roads?

Does it do this only when braking, or only under some other specific condition?

It just does it on icy roads regardless if I’m braking or feeding it gas

Traction Control ? Try turning it off for acceleration. The braking part is most likely ABS. Now go read your manual.

I’m inclined to agree.
If you can turn I off, try it off. The feds now require traction control, so you may not be able to disable it.


The Dodge Nitro doesn’t come with winter tires. So the traction is probably lousy with the tires it came with.

What you’re feeling is the vehicle stability control system taking over where the ABS system is preventing the tires from slipping or locking up.


I can turn off the Traction Control on both of our vehicles after starting the vehicles. It will reactivate the next time vehicle is started which is good.

Are any lights flashing on the dash? I’d expect there to be if the traction control or stability control systems are kicking in.

Have you checked if you have so much snow and slush built up in the wheel wells that the tires are hitting it when you turn?

The ice itself could cause vibrations if it’s not smooth. Sometimes the ice contains frozen tire track imprints that were made when the ice was slush.

My guess is stability/traction/abs is engaging on slippery ice making that vibration/crunchy sound. Typically a flashing light accompanies that.

I think you’re overlooking things like front stabilizer links and strut/shock bushings, ball joints. OP stated condition occurs regardless of braking or acceleration. I am totally ignorant on the suspension setup on a Nitro, but my brother has a Dodge Caliber and we just discussed a similar situation that he was experiencing. My hunch is geared more toward suspension components than electronic aids. The only known factor is road condition.