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Sneezing Buick

Recently purchase a 2001 Park Avenue with 40,000 miles. A few quirks are annoying me and wonder if you have a clue.

1. On occassion, the car will make a sound like it has “sneezed” when starting.

2. On occassion, while driving, the engine will cough and the tachometer needle will go to zero. It will reactivate after switching off the engine and restarting.

3. On occassion, while making a slow speed turn, the engine will quit with no warning. It restarts immediately.

4. Two times when I have gone to start it, after a short run, the engine will not start. Repeated attempts - say four or five times - and after considerable cranking, the engine will start accompanied by a slight miss.

The computer throws no codes. The gas filter has been replaced. The plug wires have been “tested”. The injectors have been cleaned - with additive.

In every other aspect, the car is top notch. Do you have any suggestions?