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SNAP-ON....and WILLAMS Tools

For many years those “in the know”…knew that Williams Tools were made by the maker of SNAP-ON…The name originated from the founders of SO. Many times the Williams Tool price is lower than the SO name brand with no difference in quality or feel of the tools. So if you see any Williams tools at a yard sale…it is a good quality tool in case you didn’t know. Obviously if SO turn up at a yard sale…just buy them… But now things are morphing into more confusing and even Mexico’s Waters lately.

Just some Tool info:


Good tip. Thanks.
If I get any more tools my garage will sink into the ground. :smiley:

I have never seen a tool marked “Williams.” Is it a regional brand? I live in the southeast.

I dont think so… Good Question

I’ve never seen or heard of Williams either. I own a few snap on tools though.

I believe fleets tend to buy Williams tools

When I was working at the depot, there were a lot of Williams hand tools. They were all made in USA

I’ve got a few Williams tools in my boxes but I’ve had them so long I can’t even begin to remember when and where they came from.
They’re very good high quality tools.