Snap Crackle Pop, my car won't start

This problem is definitely operator error and at 32 years old, I am sorry to have to ask for help. I McGeyvored my battery terminals a couple weeks back, corrosion unchecked left my vehicle stationary. Due honestly to neglect. I had to cut of the connector thingy’s that connect to the battery post’s, and poorly connected them to new post connectors. My car died again yesterday and is sitting at my girlfriends workplace. I cleaned up the exposed wires on the battery wire connecter lines. and reattached them to the battery connector posts. My battery still has power, radio and lights work, when I wiggle the negative post connector, but every time I try to start my car, it makes a popping noise and flash. I know I have poorly abused my good battery. How do I put things back the right way and hopefully save my battery?

Go buy new battery cables, with terminals factory attached, and install them. Make sure you don’t reverse the polarity.

You may have to “bite the bullet” and get new battery cables. Walmart has them. Take off the old battery cables to compare. An auto parts store will have them if Walmart doesn’t.
I’ve not seen replacement battery terminals that will last for long. Then, when the corrosion occurs between the wire and the terminal, you’re stuck a long way from where you’d wish.

Are you saying that replacing the terminal ends is no longer a option? Not as good as a complete new cable but much less work. When you resort to replacement ends the battery cables become even more of a maintiance item.