Smoothing the ride in a 2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Is there anything that can be done to soften the ride on my Genesis Coupe 3.8GT. ,(same as the ultimate in USA)? With out affecting the handling too much.

It is a GT, not a Cadillac . Trade vehicles, don’t waste money on expensive suspension parts for a small difference.

When you buy new tires, look for ones that rate well on “ride” or “comfort” or something like that. If you can fit smaller wheels with higher sidewall tires, that can provide a big improvement in softening the ride, but handling - especially quick turns - will suffer.

Both good replies.

Ride and handling are trade-offs. More like ride versus handling. The answer to your question is No. If you make the car ride better you will lose the sharp handling.

@shanonia 's suggestion to look for more comfortable tires is your best option. You will lose a bit of handling but likely too little for you to notice but it won’t make a huge difference in the ride, either. Sites like TireRack rate tires for handling, wet traction and comfort. Search your tire size and read the reviews.

Of course the standard question is : Did you test drive before purchase?

I’ve owned two pretty sporty cars that both had summer-only performance tires mounted. One was a Miata. I switched them both to all-season high performance tires and the ride comfort went up dramatically and the handling barely changed. The improvement was amazing in the '07 Miata. Consider a tire change. If the tires you own now are in good shape, keep them. You may end up using them later or mounting prior to a sale or including in a sale.