2007 Hyundai Sonata Suspension - Tires = Poor Ride?

I purchased a 2007 Sonata with V6 and 17" tires. I have noticed that the car feels every bump in the road, and can hear the asphalt grade when going from rough to smooth. I have been scouring the web and have found that the 17" tires don’t help and that the oem shocks/struts are stiff. Would changing to smaller tires and replacing the struts/shocks help my situation? I sometimes wish I wouldn’t have bought this car. Please help!

Your last line says it all.
You hate the car, and are looking for every new reason to dislike it even more.

Just sell the car, or trade it in on a different car.
Changing the wheel size isn’t going to make the shocks and springs softer.

The only thing that would work is if the car you have has a sports suspension, and the base Sonata came with a softer suspension, you might be able to buy the springs for the base suspension, and soften up your ride that way.