Smoothie spilled under the emergency brake

I was really clumsy yesterday and spilled a smoothie all over the passenger and driver seat. Some of it dripped into the space under neath the emergency brake where I can’t reach with a cloth or wipe.

Does anyone have any advice how I can wipe the smoothie out of there before it turns into a moldy blob?


Perhaps a shop vac with one of the miniscule probel attachments available at the hardware store.

If you’re handy with a screwdriver, stop by your dealer’s parts department (NOT the service department) and ask for an “exploded view drawing” of how the console is installed. With that and some basic tools tha console can be removed with just basic tools and the parking brake mechanism area cleaned out.

Wipe ??
You’ll never get it all.
use a wet/dry shop vacuum with a skinny nozzle and hot water.

Perhaps a spray bottle would work well for the hot water application.
I love it when a plan comes together!

Dump some live ants in there ?

I’m not a water person around an area that could have electrical components if you are indicating the console area… I would spray an electrical moisture displacement in there like NC-123 or equivalent. You won’t need much. Tearing it apart is best so anything else is a compromise.