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Smoking broncos!

Help! I drive a 1981 full size Ford Bronco. It has been smoking from the dash area for the last two weeks. Smells like anti-freeze, but the resevoir is full and I can find no leaks. Did spy some minor dripping of antifreeze on the passenger side floormat this morning (probably a couple of tablespoons). Car is still running fine, just don’t think this is a good thing, to have a smoking bronco. Also, breathing in burning antifreeze can’t be good for my three kids! Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Moira

The problem is the heater core is leaking. This is a small radiator inside the vent system that coolant passes thru to provide heat into the passenger cabin.

In the mean time, what can be done is to remove the heater hoses from the heater core and connect the two hoses together with a barbed hose coupling and a couple of hose clamps. At least this way you’ll stop the leak. But if you want heat come winter time, the heater core will require replacing.


thanks for the tip! we’ll give it a whirl.

And that vapor from the anti-freeze is a big problem. It will condense in your kids lungs, and yours, and is very unfriendly.

luckily it’s been hottern’ hades so we’ve been able to keep all the windows down!