Smokin' Hot Windshield in Freezing Cold Minnesota

Alright! I really need a genius mechanic to take a shot at this …Cold outside- about -10F. On the highway for about 35 minutes, hear a loud pop, I think maybe a rock hit my windshield. Only car anywhere around me is a small sedan about 3 blocks ahead of me. I

get to my destination (a parking ramp at the airport) and as I go around and around the entrance ramp, smoke is coming from the place where I heard the pop sound. I park my car and look at the windshield. There is a small indent crater the size of a quarter and two 4 inch parallel cracks to the left of it (crater). The windshield is super hot where the damage is. I had the car towed to MB repair shop. They can’t find any reason for the crater and the cracks. They suggest I replace the windshield. I just picked up the car and the new windshield is getting hot in the same spot. I’m afraid to drive it far. What the Heck??? Any ideas what is causing this?

what year and model options?

It’s a 2000 S500 Mercedes about 52,000 miles

Does this car (of unknown vintage) have a provision for heating the windshield wipers?
If so, it is possible that the electric heating coil for that area of the windshield is not shutting off when it is supposed to, and is producing too much heat.

Can you reveal some details, such as the model year of this mystery Benz and what type of equipment it has?

It’s a 2000(vintage) Mercedes model S500. I don’t know for certain if it has a heater for the wipers or the windshield. I do know it has a heater for the windshield fluid. But that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the problem.

As far as equipment…just a standard S500 Mercedes. My husband bought it used from Palm Beach Florida off the internet. I think it hates winter and wants to go back home. Within a week of delivery the front suspension deflated, it was sad.

If you check your Owner’s Manual, it will have information regarding features like heated windshield wipers. Since this is a luxury-level car, be prepared for luxury-level repair costs.

Rather than taking it to the Benz dealer and having to take out a second mortgage in order to pay his bill, start looking for an independent MB mechanic in your area. The difference in billing will be substantial.

Thank you for the advise about saving money. I just checked for the owners manual and there was no owners manual! I checked everywhere including the trunk and under mats. I’ll have to find one on Ebay. I will have an independent mechanic check on the problem. Thanks again for the help, it’s a good place to start.

Maybe, just maybe, hubby’s plan of buying a car–sight unseen–via the internet, is part of the problem.

Good luck!

Thank you!