Saturn is smoking more than I am

This is a 2003 Saturn L200, about 66k miles with a new engine installed in January of this year.

Now, upon starting, it has blue-gray smoke out of the exhaust upon starting. The smoking ends within 1 minute. It does not reapppear until I start the car again.

Can someone tell me what this might be.

A smoking engine on start-up when the smoke is a blue-gray color is an indication that the valve guide seals are leaking oil.


Thanks for your reply.
Regarding repairs: how long can I put this off and what are we talking in cost? I am in Ohio.

You can run the engine forever with leaking valve guide seals. It’s just embarrasing to have an engine smoke on start-up. Just check the oil every so often to make sure the level doesn’t drop too far.


I ran a 1969 Cutlass over 100k with leaking valve seals.

Didn’t your new engine come with a warranty? Why put it off?

As already stated, you can drive with leaky valve seals virtually forever. You’ll just use oil.

But Ron-Man made a good point about the warranty.
Was this a used replacement engine?
Was it a rebuild? If so, was it a “long block” (including rebuilt head) or a “short block” (a rebuilt block upon which is mounted the old head).

Read your warranty carefully.

My sister inlaw had a smoking 76 LTD and would drive down the road, smoke billowing, window open and an UN-lit cigarette waving in her left arm hanging out the window…

as if :wink: