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I commute through LA and am starting to develop symptoms that look like ozone over-exposure. I have no idea how to set the controls on my prius to minimise air (smog) coming in from the outside. I’ve looked at the “climate” options on the main control screen, but I don’t see any options to recirculate air, etc. Can anyone help with this? Also, does the air filter pull out ozone, or just particulates? I assume the prius has an air filter. :slight_smile:

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There is really not much you can do.   I suppose you could set the controls to re-circulate, but that would only do some good if the outside air has less ozone than the inside air.  

The filter will not filter out ozone nor will it add any.


Also, does the air filter pull out ozone, or just particulates?
That would be quite a trick if the filter could do that. The ozone molecule is only 2.18 ? tip to tip.

Think on the bright side ? you won’t have to worry about exposure to UV radiation while driving in your ozone-loaded car. And the ozone molecule has a natural half-life of 20 minutes, so on a long ride you will be practically free of ozone at the end of your trip, if you keep the car sealed and don’t create any new molecules on the way.

Move to Montana. The money is not worth living in LA…

I get a laugh when people close up their cars and homes thinking that improves air quality. Usually, it makes it worse. “Cabin Filters” are no more effective than a vacuum cleaner bag…

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