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Aftermarket Car Air Filters without Ozone

I live in California and spend a good amount of time on the interstate and looking for a filter based system that plugs into the power plug that does not emit Ozone.

There are filters that intentionally omit ozone. The ozone will remove some particulate out of the air. However Ozone is itself a harmful material. Those plug in ozone generators are almost totally worthless. I recommend not bothering with them

I don't know of a good ozone filter for a car, or home for that matter.  You live in an area that creates and traps ozone.  If you really want to reduce the ozone, move. 

What are you hoping to filter out of the air?  Most modern cars have a cabin filter that removes a lot of the particulate.

Not sure if any high voltagelectrostaticleaner can operate without producing some O3.

Does your vehicle have a cabin air filter?
If so, can a better filter be purchased.

Your posting makes no sense, the title of the discussion and the question itself make it clear I am not interested an a device that produces ozone, yet your response “I don’t know of a good ozone filter for a car” seems to completely miss the point. If my car had cabin air I wouldn’t need an air filter, would I? BTW, I live San Diego, not L.A., and while I spend some time on the interstate the air here, generally speaking, is a lot cleaner than most places. I would tell you what kind of particulates I am trying to filter, but you seem so lost that I hardly see the point.