Please advise me on how to remove the “catch of the day” smell from my car. Forgotten in hot car for 24 hours! Have replaced air filter. Any good adise if much appreciated. Thanks.


well i dont know why an air filter came to mind, yet try steamcleaning your car out.


You can try febreeze. That works a bit too. Last I knew they had an version for cars that wasn’t quite as perfumed as the original. Good place to start…pretty cheap


The febreeze may work but I fear you will need the professional treatment for this one. The cheap way is an automobile detailer, but I suspect they will not be able to handle it. Look in your local phone book for the fire restoration outfits. They specialize in home fires. They have the industrial ozone generators and cleaning tools to take care of it.


I wouldn’t have thought of this solution. Thanks, will give it a try.