Burning rubber/plastic smell

I recently bought a 2009 honda civic sdn that had some maintenance done before I purchased it. Everything seems to be running in order, no lights or codes etc but I have found that after a drive I get out and theres a burning rubber/plasitc smell and it seems like the smell is coming from the front of the car. The list of repairs is as follows

1 Exhaust pipe
1 spring kit
1 exhaust gasket back
1 front exhaust gasket
1 front lower arm right
1 front lower arm left
2 front sway bar links
1 front brake pads
2 front brake rotors
1 alignment

Could anyone give me any insight as to if it could be any of these repairs/should I be concerned and have a mechanic check it out immediately? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Drive it for a while to see if the smell goes away.

With all the exhaust components replaced, some have labels /tags glued to exhaust components that smell when burned off.


I’d suspect an oil leak. If oil is getting on hot exhaust parts you can get that kind of smell.

Thanks for the response. Ill keep driving it and see what happens. The smell is not always there but sometimes its very strong when I step out.