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Smells like electrical burning

08 Subaru Outback 48k miles. Last few weeks while doing heavy driving it’s smelling like electrical burning. Just a hint at first stronger last few days while driving 1,000 miles. Car has some history. At 23k the display to compass intermittently went out, replaced mirror, started again after about week. worked on wiring, has worked for one year and started going out again 10 days ago, also low beam headlamp when out, replaced and out again after 7 days. Have appt. with dealer 700 miles away on Tues. What could this be and should I drive 700.mile to get work done.

Are you in Alaska and 700 miles from the nearest repair garage, or even, capable mechanic?
Or, are you in the Outbacks of Australia? You don’t have to go that distance for repair. Good mechanics aren’t THAT rare!

Actually, I’m in PA and have an appointment Tuesday with the Subaru dealer in North Carolina where I was headed tomorrow. My plan was to get oil change, have him see if he could fix the compass display. Now this issue with the burning smell seems to be perhaps more serious than I thought. WW

Maybe it’ll burst into fire, you’ll stop fast, get out and scamper away, far enough to call your insurance company for a full loss comprehensive claim. Your homeowners insurance covers the loss of your stuff inside, so make a list before you set off. That should solve your recurring issues with the electrical system.

Just kidding, but you should check your insurance and the charge on your cell phone before you take that trip.

If you are using synthetic oil, a slight oil leak burning on the exhaust can smell a lot like burning plastic.