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Car Smells Like Gas After Fuel Line Repair

One of the fuel lines on our 2007 Subaru Outback needed to be replaced (rodent damage). Now the car reeks of gasoline. The dealer said it will take time to dissipate. Any ideas for how we can speed up the process? Thanks for your help.

I take it the line is in the trunk? If so, leave the windows open when you can.

It shouldn’t reek worse after the repair than before. If the reek doesn’t disappear in a day or two, something is still wrong. Take it back to the dealer and have them smoke test it again.

Thanks for your comment. We have the windows and hatch open. The line ruptured near our back left tire and was sending a steady stream of gasoline under the car itself. The smell is strongest when you sit in the back left seat. Is it worth trying to have the underside of the car cleaned somehow?

You could drive it through a carwash, one where they clean the under carriage. It may help some.

I’d say that if you get an undercarriage wash and the smell isn’t gone or significantly reduced then you need to take it back and tell them there is still an issue.