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SMD LED on Cluster Gauge Replacement

2005 Camry Instrument Cluster

I seem to have the SMD LEDs that most instrument clusters have. I’ve searched and searched online and can’t seem to find a part number for these. Does anyone know what the typical ones are? Mine seem to have four pins that get soldered to the PCB. I do simple searches like Instrument cluster SMD LED, and can’t seem to find ones that look similar to mine. I’d like to buy new ones online, but without a part number, or finding one that looks similar, I’m not so sure what to do?

Can someone help me identify what SMD LEDs I have on my instrument cluster, so that way I can buy some?

Will take some googleing, came up with this searching smd led camry cluster
Not saying it is the right thing,

Yea thanks all I find is those bulbs that are meant to go into a socket, not directly soldered to a PCB.

I think these are PLCC (not sure if two or four or what the difference is) SMD LED Diodes but I’m not entirely sure, or know how to identify them.

I think they are PLCC-4 SMD LED Diodes based on there being four pins. I can just get any PLCC-4 SMD LED Diode?

Hard to say, have you unsoldered a bad one to see if there is a part number on the back? Another option is to look for a board at salvage or online and play swaporama.

I haven’t not yet.

The Lexus IS 250 has a high failure rate of cluster LEDs, you might find do-it-yourself information for Toyota clusters by searching “Lexus IS 250 cluster lights”, for example;

You can try searching for LEDs at some electronics suppliers, such as Mouser or Digi-Key. These links will take you to their discrete LED pages. Use their filters to narrow down the options to see if you can find something that matches what you need.

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I agree with @Bugmenot forget the part number thing. Go to electronic suppliers and search by dimensions, solder points, and color. IIRC the PCB is labeled for the color at each LED.

Driving around looking for vibration in this vehicle , picture of valve cover off asking about engine flush , Dash assembly out of vehicle plus all the other questions about this 15 year old 150000 mile Camry . I wonder if it is fiction writing or if true why bother when this is a good time to replace a problem vehicle.

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I think it’s pure stubbornness , the old " I’m going to fix this myself if it kills me " . I’ve been guilty of it more than once.