Smashed against the side of the curb- no external damage --> what should I check?

You hit an immovable object with a not so robust vehicles suspension and something was definitely bent or otherwise damaged. We gave you the list of items that could be damaged and that is as far as any of us can take this.

Now it is up to you to get to a shop to have it looked at…that is where you are with this. We cannot possibly help you further.

This is a positive piece of additional information.

The steering being as straight as before could be good news, but I’m not sure what “but the steering feels light” means. It seems as though something in the steering has changed and probably not in a good way.

Try and look into this a little more.
Make sure the car can’t roll and that you are out of harms way and get down there with a light and see if you see something hanging or loose. See if there is evidence (shiny parts) that something is rubbing. Look carefully at the wheel/tire and see if there is evidence of impact damage. Check the strut (shock absorber inside large spring) and see if it’s leaking fluid.

Sorry I took so long to reply:

Took it to my old shop teacher, we looked underneath he couldn’t find any damaged parts.

But I found a plastic cover hitting the front right tire, that probably what was causing the sound when I was turning.

I tightened the plastic cover to the body with a nut and washer.

I also found out that the rear left wheel rim was bent as it was not turning entirely straight, but that’s ok because IM putting my summer tires back on in April. ( The winter tires are too big for the car anyhow).

The steering and suspension seems decent now.


In your original post you stated that the steering feel had changed after the incident and it now “feels light”. That statement, if true, exemplifies a change in the steering geometry, imho if you hit something laterally and then afterward, the steering feels light…it is indicative of being “toed in”. This is akin to being pigeon toed. That will make one or both of your tires wear on the outside edge and you wont notice this until after many miles when it is slightly out of spec.

Getting a front alignment should be par for the course here, it will at least help to save your tires from possible abnormal wear and in the process, may expose a bent tie rod, spindle or control arm. The alignment tech will be able to see the alignment report and shows you if and where the front end is “out” of spec and where it needs correction and that report will be the answer to your original question of what should you check.


rear tire does not turn entirely straight?
that is an interesting way to describe things.
the rear tire does not turn left or right as it is not a steering wheel
it does rotate though.
if you can see a bend in the wheel as it rotates while on a jackstand than i would change the rim. though each person has a comfort level with how bent a wheel is and if it is ok
if you think the wheel is angled slightly by eye than i would assume a control arm is bent

Yeah the right front passenger wheel was bent, which is wierd since I hit the curb on the left side of the vehicle