Smart's fourtwo



Has anyone else done the $99 reservation for a Smart Car?


Based on the incredibly BAD reviews of the earlier version, I would not gamble any money at this point on the Smart For Two. It may be improved, but it has light-years of distance to catch up with even the lowest rated cars currently sold in the US.

I would advise that you wait until at least some early reviews are published before putting any money down on one of these things.


Find an old April '05 issue of Car and Driver and read the review. You may change your mind about the 99 dollars.


“Anyone else?” Does that mean you’ve put a deposit on a Smart Car?

If you’ve done your research, and you still think a Smart Car is right for you, GO FOR IT, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Buy what you like, not what other people like.

Personally, I think there are better choices, but it all depends on where you live and what your automotive needs are. The Smart Car seems rather expensive to me, considering what you get. But that’s just my opinion. I’ve only seen ONE Smart Car, and it was not the US-legal version.


I’ve only seen a couple, there is always one at my kids high school, and I’ve seen the occasional one running around. Now that they are being directly imported, I think they are pretty cheap, like $15K, or so. If I needed something that small, I would probably consider one.


Nope . . . but I had one pass me the other day on the interstate in eastern PA, being followed by a semi. Looked almost comical. I have not read any reviews, but it looks unsafe for the highway. Rocketman


Okay folks, yes I put down my $99. on March 19th, the 1st day it was possible. Penske Daimler has given me a delivery date of 2008, 1st quarter. I first fell in love with Smart Cars in Europe about 15 years ago and drove a grey market one outside Chicago. I didn’t like the way it drove at all, but then I drove one at the Smartcarus road trip and loved it. Just check out the following videos on youtube:
Crash test


Now isn’t my smartie cute!


Cool, I’ve checked out those videos before, it does do pretty well but I would try to avoid hitting anything too large. (-;

Just wondering how their dealerships are being set up, do they have their own dealers or are the being sold through other existing dealers?


Needless to say I’m not impressed. A guy in town has one now and I’m just waiting to see what it does in a Minnesota winter. I first saw them in Germany but they have no room whatsoever and were priced in the range of 10,000 Euro which then was about $12-14K. No bargain in my book. Just a motorcycle engine with two seats and a roof.


But it’s still cheaper than any motorcycle that’s worth owning. (-;


Thanks for the links . . . interesting data . . . good luck with your new purchase, in the end it’s YOU who has to want and like it. Happy motoring! Rocketman


The dealership thing is Very Interesting. They have recruited dealers from all across the country; many are mercedes dealers since Mercedes started the whole Smart Car thing with Swatch. I’ve included an article which explains better thn I can. But, they offerred reservations, now based on the reservation date they request that you configure the car you want and confirm your intention to purchase. They then rder the car at the factory, its built and then shipped to the dealer closest to you. Dealers will all be official by the end of the year and Each person with a confirmation will be contacted by his/her dealer.


Oh, come on, its not my only car. Its for zipping around the city instead of a gas guzzeling monstosity. Maybe you’re not interested in downsizing? I am.


I can see them as a city car. I also think they are overpriced, but if you like it and you have the money that’s not a problem. I have seen them on the highway around Paris and Rome keeping up with 70 MPH traffic pretty well. For that money, where I live, I’d rather have a 4 door sedan like a Civic or even a Fit, but I live in a rural area and have to drive 40 miles to get to even a small city.


It reminds me a whole lot of the old “bubble cars” that were around in Europe post-WWII, a few of which came to the US in the '60s. Like the Isetta. A motorcycle engine with four wheels and a seat.

As an around-town scootmobile I think they’d be cool, assuming one has the money to play with. It’s certainly going to be much safer and more reliable than, say, an old MG Midget. Or my buddy’s Isetta!

I say go for it!


I am also interested in downsizing. It is just that the reviews of the version already for sale have been overwhelmingly negative (See April '05 Car & Driver and last year’s Annual Auto Issue of Consumer Reports as two examples).

Based on those reviews, I would be hesitant to put money down on the “new & improved” version of the Smart car until there was confirmation that they are, in fact, improved. And, once the new generation of Blue-Tech diesels are on sale in the US (within about a year??), 45-50 mpg will be fairly commonplace–even in vehicles that are significantly larger than the Smart car.


Very interesting marketing/sales strategy. Now if would just start importing the diesel version…


LOL, I like diesels too, but I think you are missing the point. This is a unique little toy; it’s sorta like buying a vespa scooter to play with, it would be silly to compare it to a honda. These things are aimed at a niche market and are priced to almost be an impulse purchase, if the “consumer reports types” wanted them they would be doing something wrong. Part of the reason they are cool is the fact that your CPA doesn’t drive one.


If I was to make an impulse purchase of a 2 seater car to drive around town, it’d be a used Miata. I just hope I don’t bend my new rims if I run over one of these Smart Cars :stuck_out_tongue: