Small car


are there any small,4cyl cars.that have a timing chain.


Maybe you should also consider a small 4 cylinder car with a non-interference engine??


There are dozens of excellent small 4-cyl cars that are desirable to drive and own. It would never occur to me to reject all those that use a timing belt.


Look at a timing belt application chart (Gates Belts has a good one) and find models that are NOT listed there!


I’m pretty certain that Toyota uses a timing chain in its Yaris and Echo models.


Remember that even some Ferraris have timing belts, not chains.


Yes, but remember that Ferraris are sort of expected to be high-maintenance vehicles.


I wouldn’t own anything with a timing belt either.


I think you can add the Toyota Corolla to the list.


one tundra has belt, two have chains, and all tacomas have chains. none interference