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Sluggish F250 Diesel

I have an F250 with a Power Stroke Diesel Engine. When I push on the accelerator the engine bogs down and the exhaust is thick and black and after a few moments it spits out a big blast of thick black exhaust and then runs fine until I let of the throttle and when I try again to accelerate the problem repeats its self. I have used fuel conditioner that seemed to help in the beginning, but seems in effective now. Could the problem be a bad glow plug? Is there something wrong with the turbo components? If some one reads this and has experienced this same problem or a similar one please share with me what you may have found.

Does the vehicle have a boost pressure gauge?

One thing that can cause this is a turbocharger that isn’t spooling up when full rack is applied. If there is no boost gauge, connect one between the turbo and intercooler to monitor the boost pressure from the turbo.


No, there is no boost gauge. When I gently give it throttle the engine slowly spools up until I have full power. It does this with out belching the thick black exhaust. The problem occurs when I step on the throttle hard. What will the gauge tell me?

Take it to a fuel injection repair place. That’s what some diesel repair places are called.

The gauge will indicate if the boost pressure responds fast enough for the amount of rack being applied. When you slowly accelerate, the response from the turbo is probably keeping up with the fuel being injected into the engine. Thereby no black soot out of the exhaust. However, if the turbo doesn’t spool up quick enough to keep up with the fuel that’s being injected when stepping fast on the accelerator, this will result in unburned hydrocarbons or black soot.


Possably a bad map sensor EBP sensor or turbochrager not a glow plug if it starts fine on cold start up

i have the same problem i put it on the computer they say its my icp sensor. the problem now is i cant find it …