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Car needs help

So the other day my car started doing some pretty (un)funny stuff. I drive a 2003 bmw e46 318d. I was driving ariund the corner when it choked. Seemed weird but i gave it some gas and ir was choking when accelerating. This was the point when I realised something deffinetely is not right. After about a couple minutes it stopped choking but there was a huge loss of power. Tried to turn it off but when I turned it back on again in was choking again for couple of minutes. Also tried to go high rpm. 1-3 gears work very badly but 4th and 5th gears don’t accelerate at all. Today I noticed that when i give it full throttle at around 2,5k rpm it gushes out black smoke and there is a smell of diesel fumes. Also I am having a very very terrible fuel efficiency. Thought it might be a clogged DFD/Particulate filter but when searching up the web, I found out that has no such filter. Also there is no check engine light. The car is in perfect condition and never has failed me before. This happened all of the suden because I was driving about 3hrs prior to this incident and nothing seemed wrong. Also went to eat and had no problems. When leaving the place it ran normallly until the first corner. Please help! I really don’t know what to do.

This is a US based forum, and I believe BMW does not sell their diesel powered cars in the US so I don’t know how much help you’ll find here. You may be better served on a BMW specific forum. Good luck.

It sounds like the engine is either getting too much fuel or not enough air to mix with the fuel.

That has a turbo, doesn’t it? The black smoke makes excess fuel / not enough oxygen a suspect, and if the turbo is cracked, or has shaft play, it won’t be delivering full boost which will make you run rich and emit black smoke while also not accelerating as hard as it should.

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Hmmm, sound pretty reasonable, cuz it did had a hard stutter when the problems started

Try changing the fuel filter.