No reverse! Subaru Outback '00 Automatic

Subie was driving fine…drove it on highway and went to park and NO reverse. At first, I couldn’t shift into park either, but then I was able to shift in park. I can move the gear to reverse, but nothing happens (engine just revs and car wants to roll forward as it is on slight incline. Hubby checked trans fluid and it was a bit low, added fluid, but still no reverse. Any suggestions? It’s Saturday and no transmission shop open until Monday morning so I want to be a litle bit informed first!

Since you had issues shifting into “P” I would start by checking the linkages/cable starting at the transmission. Reverse problems on an automatic are rather easy to diagnose. Basically, if its not the linkage’s/cable system, its an internal issue which requires removal and disassembly to fix. Basically, check from the transmission all the way to the gear selector inside the vehicle for any broken parts or a foreign object jammed in the gear selector inside the car. i.e. coins, etc.


Sounds like a $3500 problem before it’s all said and done…OUCH! !!! How many miles on the Subie?

Thanks Transman! Umm, that’s not what I want to hear Caddyman…got about 150k miles. Unless you are in the market to buy? ; ) I love my car though…hope it’s a cheaper fix.

I should mention that we put the trans fluid in, but haven’t been able to drive it since I am parallel parked, sandwiched between to cars. As soon as a car moves we can drive it around and see if that helps.

Hi Robmel,

I am on the crossroads of purchasing a car with the same issues. What do you think? Were you able to fix these issues comfortable? I feel bad because you liked your baby Subaru

Jag , I doubt if you will get a reply as Rob has not posted in 8 years . If a used vehicle has you concerned then just move on to one that does not make you wonder if you should buy it.

I agree with you completely. It’s interesting because I knew the risks involved but the price was good.