Slow Starting Pathfinder

Have a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD Automatic. Had a coolant leak in the hose behind the waterpump and they had to remove the headers to get in and replace the hoses. Everythng is fine with that part.

BUT, now when I start the engine cold it takes a good 7 to 10 seconds of cranking before it will start… almost like fuel starvation. Before the repair it kick right over like on the second revolution … max. The mechanic can’t find any erros on the diagnostic computer and all the various connections seem fine. Warm starting it kicks in in about 2 seconds of cranking as it did before. Seems like a temp related problem but, I’m no mechanic

Any ideas I can pass on to him as to where where to look?


Correction…not headers… I meant the manifolds…

Could the fuel line have developed a slght leak such that air is entering slowly? Maybe this could account for slow starting after it has been sitting for a while and the fuel line is not primed.